“Since taking up Pilates my posture has improved dramatically and, although I haven’t lost much weight recently, my tummy is firmer. My self confidence has also improved.” – Gail B

“In a few words…..improved balance, improved posture, more body awareness, hence feeling better about yourself.Lovely feeling after……increased strength, especially in quads, following 2 hip replacements. Also, increased mobility ….Confidence in walking outside, especially in inclement conditions. Take your pick!!!” – Jill M

“Catherine is a thoughtful and sensitive teacher who incorporates awareness of individual weaknesses without interrupting the flow of the class as a whole. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to both novice and experienced Pilates students.” – Jenny C.

“Having prolapsed a lumbar disc a few years ago and hence being prone to recurrences I can honestly say that since I’ve attended Catherine’s pilates classes my back health has never been so strong. I began with her ‘Back recovery’ classes and I have now progressed to her intermediate classes. Her method of teaching is tailormade to each individual and her ability to remember everyone’s ‘ailments’ is second to none.” – Wendy D

“Like all brilliant teachers Catherine is finely attuned to each individual in the class and aware of their safety and specific needs throughout the lesson. Her classes are always meticulously prepared and whilst great attention is paid to detail and accuracy when she demonstrates, her attributes of humour, grace and humility are ever present so that no one ever feels daunted by the task in hand. I never feel in competition with other people in the room – I am always too absorbed in the challenge set before me – and I always feel refreshed and rewarded after the relaxing stretching exercises at the end of class. More importantly, I feel mentally uplifted and physically finely tuned – having taken time out to breathe.” – Suzanne S

“I’ve been attending Catherine’s classes for several years now, ever since I was advised by a physiotherapist to take up Pilates for my back problems. I suffer from chronic sciatica brought about by bad posture. In the time that I’ve been coming to classes, I’ve noticed that the instances of sciatica have reduced considerably and the intensity is also less when I do get them. I have also benefited from a stronger back, neck and wrists. This is not saying anything about Catherine who is a sympathetic and caring teacher and is fully aware of individuals’ strengths and weaknesses. I would thoroughly recommend Catherine and her classes. “ – Tony B – Culford

“I was a long term sciatica sufferer and was virtually bed bound. After spinal surgery to relieve the pain I started Pilates to get me mobile, and balanced again. I have built up muscle strength, balance and now have full mobility. My life has returned to normal.” – Linda – Fornham All Saints

“Pilates with Catherine had been completely life changing for me. I started barely able to walk and frightened to move after spinal surgery. Six months later I was able to walk over five miles and run around after my son!” – Emma F